Makashi is a label that offers casual, high-quality cotton sleepwear for women. Makashi’s clothing was designed for ladies who appreciate comfort, natural fibers and the quality of clothes they sleep in. These clothes can also naturally turn into housewear apparel, perfect for lazy and blissful hours spent at home.

What makes Makashi unique and distinctive from other brands is the possibility of creating your lounge outfit as you see fit by mixing and matching the colours of tops and bottoms. Makashi invites you to come up with your own creative ideas. The whole look is topped off with a hand-made bow available in a variety of colours that gives your styling its individual character. The possibility of changing the bow in a given type of bottom apparel to a different colour is protected by a utility model granted by the Polish Patent Office (Urząd Patentowy Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej). The utility model application number is W.125771.

Makashi follows world trends and takes inspiration from them in order to design clothing in which a woman can feel fashionable even when she wears her pyjamas. That is why we offer a special line of our apparel called “Makashi for trends”. For those of you who like your style to be a little less risky Makashi has prepared a “Makashi for basis” line in soft, basic hues.

“Makashi for your warmness”, on the other hand, is a line full of unique, beautifully cut bathrobes, made out of the softest fabrics, with prints and patterns which are currently in vogue. For this line Makashi has also created causal beathrobes in a quiet, grey shade.

“Makashi MIX&FIX” is, finally, the domain of your female creativity. You can mix and match as you choose, whatever you want and however you want. The only goal is to feel splendid in the final outfit every evening and every morning.